The technology environment is becoming more and more complex from new materials to network connectivity. In order to create innovative products and maintain an up-to-date technology expertise, it is necessary to acquire knowledge from various domains and technology partners.

As a result Cotherm actively invests and contributes to a variety of advanced collaborative research programs. These include new materials, heat pump technologies, home automation system, smart grid and connectivity.

Cothem has been selected by the French Ministry of Industry to participate in the COMETE program. The aims of the program are the study and implementation of cloud services, and product solutions for comfort and energy efficiency in dwellings. Other partners in the program include:



In addition, Cotherm is an active member of professional and public organizations to provide our expertise in different application fields such as sanitary hot water, heat pump water heaters, and space heating. More recently, Cotherm was invited to participate in new collaborative programs in the area of smart grid development standards.


We constantly seek to contribute to collaborative research with new potential partners as a permanent effort to continue innovating with industry leaders.