TSR – DIRECT PLUG IN, MFS TECHNOLOGY – for unvented water heating applications

This product is part of ROD/STEM THERMOSTATS
Relevant applications:


Direct plug-in thermostat with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter



  • Combined control and safety function
  • Over temperature cut out
  • Patented in rod MFS technology for independent non self resetting safety option
  • Direct plug-in to heating element to reduce wiring and mounting costs
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature for cut-out, OEM adjustable or end-user adjustable control temperature
  • Multiple control knob options
  • Connection for signal lamp


The differential expansion of the sensing element causes the opening of a snap-action switch in the thermostat head.  In case of abnormal temperature rise, the patented MFS technology in the stem insures double pole safety.  The limiter is manually resettable.

Technical characteristics
  • TSR
Type Single pole rod control with MFS technology double pole safety limiter
Temperature range 0 to 160°C / 32 to 320°F
Safety limiter temperature Fixed 80 to 87°C / 175 to 190°F
Rating 16A - 250V / 10A - 400V
Material Brass, invar, MFS
Stem length Up to 450 mm / Up to 18”
Connections Brass faston or pillar terminals
Approvals CE conformity, ENEC mark according to EN-60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS conformity
Technical drawings