iBD – iQuaFlex SMART CONTROLLER – energy saving device

This product is part of iQuaFlex SMART
Relevant applications:


Dual load, dual heating element, hybrid smart controller with learning thermostat and 2-pole failsafe capillary safety limiter.



  • Smart function : learning thermostat results in up to 20% energy savings
  • Up to 2 heating elements and to 2 NTC sensors
  • Ideal for water heater tanks from 30 to 300L
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • 2-pole failsafe capillary safety limiter
  • Off-peak smart option
  • Antilegionella function
  • Smart / Manual / Vacation modes
  • Error codes and diagnostics for installers
  • Standard LCD foregrounds
  • OEM specific foregrounds
  • Heating element configuration : immersion, steatite



After a minimum of one week learning period, the iBD smart controller will permanently adapt hot water production to consumer habits. Smart function can be disabled for manual mode or vacation mode. iBD automatically adapts itself to any tank size and heating power. Including mutliple smart modes.

Available with boost mode on second heating element or flip-flop manual regulation for double heating element water heaters.


Technical characteristics
  • iBD
Type Hybrid smart controller, 2-pole failsafe capillary safety
Operating modes See iFG Smart foreground display
Options 2 heating elements, 1 or 2 regulations NTC sensors
Temperature range 60 to 75°C / 140 to 167°F
Safety limiter temperature Fixed 65 to 100°C / Fixed 149 to 212°F
Rating 14A - 50Hz - 220V/240V
Stem length Up to 450mm / Up to 18"
Sensing elements diameter 6mm / 1/4"
Connections Faston to heating element(s) and power supply
Approvals CE, ENEC MARK according to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS, VDE
Technical drawings