This product is part of EcoFlex ERP THERMOSTATS
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ERP combistat 3-phase temperature regulation  with ECO setpoint and failsafe safety limiter with manual reset.


  • Combined control and safety function
  • Failsafe safety capillary
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature, OEM or end-user adjustable temperature
  • User detectable intermediate ECO temperature shaft position directly on the thermostat
  • Independent non self resetting safety
  • Guarantee of safety operation : failsafe capillary
  • Double pole single throw (DPST)
  • Multiple mounting, electrical connection, adjustment and reset knob configurations


A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary. The liquid acts on a  bellows assembly within the plastic housing to open and close electrical contacts with temperature variation. In case of abnormal rise an temperature, liquid expansion in a separate bulb capillary assembly will break independent contacts to insure safety operation. The limiter is manually resettable.

Technical characteristics
  • BSDX
Type 20A triple pole single throw (TPST) adjustable or fixed temperature control with 3-pole safety limiter
Temperature range 0 to 300°C / 32 to 572°F
Safety limiter temperature 70 to 125°C / 158 to 257°F
Rating 20A - 240V / 16A - 400V
Material Copper, stainless steel
Capillary length Up to 2000mm / up to 79''
Safety limiter capillary Spiralled or single / double / triple bent capillary
Approvals CE conformity, ENEC mark according to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS conformity, REACH conformity
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