BBSB – COMBISTAT WITH BIMETAL LIMITER – for domestic water heating

This product is part of CAPILLARY CONTROLS


Oil boiler thermostat. 1-pole temperature regulation and bimetal safety with manual reset.



  • Combined control and safety functions to reduce wiring and mounting costs
  • Independent non self resetting safety
  • Bimetal safety for surface mounted reading of temperature
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature, OEM adjustable or end-user adjustable temperature
  • Changeover contact option on control or safety limiter to pilot signal lamp
  • Available with separate two pole switch



Regulation:  A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary.  The liquid acts on a bellows assembly within the housing to open and close electrical contacts.

Safety limiter with bimetal:  A snap action bimetal opens electrical contacts with an abnormal increase in temperature.


Technical characteristics
  • BBSB
Type Single pole single throw (SPST) control with double pole bimetal safety limiter
Temperature range 0 to 115°C / 32 to 239°F
Safety limiter temperature Fixed 70 - 125°C / 158 - 257°F
Rating 20A - 240V / 16A - 400V
Material Copper
Capillary length Up to 2500 mm / Up to 98”
Connections Brass or nickel plated fastons, pillar terminals
Approvals CE conformity, ENEC mark according to EN-60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS conformity
Technical drawings