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ERP combistat 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole failsafe safety limiter with manual reset
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Domestic & Commercial Water Heater Controls & Thermostat Supplier

Founded in 1948, Cotherm has continuously developed its expertise in hybrid technologies and its commitment to innovative excellence. Through our dedication we are today recognised as a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of solutions which manage energy, regulate temperature and guarantee safety to our OEM partners and their customers. We have developed industry leading water heating controls for both domestic and commercial customers, whilst also being recognised as one of the UK’s thermostat suppliers. Our continuous and relentless effort to introduce new products, solutions and systems which utilise the latest technologies allows us to constantly provide the best energy solutions in the UK. Also, paramount to our success is our commitment to building long standing relationships with our partners whom we provide industry leading energy solutions and have gained a reputation as reliable, knowledgeable and experienced thermostat suppliers. Through the use of our domestic and commercial water heater controls and our vast range of other heating products, clients throughout the UK have been able to boast huge energy savings. These savings directly contribute to lower running costs, whilst also limiting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing fossil energy usage. You can control our industry leading water heating controls using thermostats which are also supplied by us, meaning you can guarantee exceptional quality. As a reputable company, we ensure that we comply with all of the latest rules and regulations to ensure our products are safe and as efficient as possible. As well as our standard water heater controls, thermostats and other heating products, we can also tailor our products to meet your specific requirements upon request.
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